“How can Dr. Trotter and her staff get any better? I'm sure they'll find a way as they never cease to amaze me. When kids look forward to going to the dentist, it's definitely a unique & fun experience for everyone!!!”

-Billie Farley

“Friendliest place around. My kids always feel special when they are there. I would recommend to any child! “

-Shawna Mellon

“Jonathan has serious anxiety when it comes to dentist appointments. I believe this is due to where I used to take him. This last visit, however, he seemed to do much better. Thanks to Dr. Trotter and her amazing staff for making him feel more at ease. Hopefully he can completely overcome his fear of "the dentist". :-) “

-Alicia Cole

“We just love Dr. Trotter and her entire staff! My son has never been afraid to go to his appointments, nor has he ever had a bad experience at Dr. Trotter's office. My only wish is that she and her staff saw the parents as patients as well!”

-Tiffany Compton

“Our first visit was nothing less of professionalism and an awesome welcome! Gabriella is my one and only child and I want the best care for her teeth and your clinic has made a wonderful first impression for my precious Gabriella, my husband and I. I am excited to have found your clinic and looking forward to establishing permanent care for my Gabriella with your wonderful staff. We are definitely looking forward to our next visit in April!”

-Victoria Ramirez

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